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Aido Robot Founder invited on the panelists at Robo Business 2016 ,San Jose

Aido Robot Founder and CEO invited on the panelists and speakers at the San Jose Robo Business Event along with the Sensory CEO, Eyeris CEO, Jibo Developer Evangelist and Mark Bunger from Lux Research. This has been a great month for us!

RoboBusiness is the event where You’ll find all the ground-breaking, revolutionizing and life changing advancements being made in robotics all under one roof. Along with industry’s most influential end users, investors and solutions providers from innovative companies including Alphabet, Amazon, Bosch, FedEx, Google, Intel, iRobot, Johnson & Johnson, Qualcomm, Siemens, Toyota, Yamaha and many more!

The consumer robotics market—currently composed primarily of home cleaning, lawn mowing and toy robots–is marked for massive growth with the arrival of intelligent social robots. These robots, designed for direct human interaction, need the ability to hear, listen, understand and respond in order to perform as intelligent assistants in the home.

Over the next 5 years, developments in speech and object recognition, machine intelligence and mobile technologies will determine the trajectory of this game-changing class of consumer robots. This panel of experts from relevant technology fields will help you map how critical enabling technologies are currently impacting the consumer robot continuum. You’ll get an inside view of current capabilities and successful commercial applications as well as insights into what the future holds.

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