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Aido’s Connectivity

Aido supports Zigbee, DLNA, WiFi, Z-Wave, Bluetooth and IR.

Together, these let Aido communicate with over 10000 smart devices. New devices supporting these standards will automatically be compatible with Aido.

These also let Aido connect to your smart home security system and act as an interface to it.

Aido allows you to control thousands of devices by acting as a remote control. Once connected, you can issue voice commands to Aido to control the devices (eg: to turn down the volume of the TV)

  • Aido uses an open database of over 1000 devices
  • Aido’s IR blaster can mimic timings and signal codes for the remote controls of these devices
  • In addition to this, Aido’s infrared blaster and receiver help Aido build a topographic map of the house with obstacles that Aido uses to navigate around the home

Remote operation

You can also use Aido’s app on your phone to check on devices at home when you’re out, or set your Netflix to download your favorite movie and schedule it for playback when you get home.

Aido can talk to various devices1, including:

  • CD changer
  • Laserdisc player
  • Amplifier
  • Tape deck
  • Game console
  • Computer
  • Light controller
  • Climate controller
  • Cable box
  • Satellite box
  • Smart Cookers
  • Refrigerator
  • Washing machine
  • stoves and more

Smarten up your home

Aido comes with an optional smart appliance kit allows you to control appliances that do not have interactive capabilities built in. Aido’s smart appliance kit consists of:

• 3 smart plugs: Plug your appliance like an A/C or a water heater into the smart plug. Aido let’s you turn them on or off, schedule timings or set triggers.

For example, you can program Aido to turn on the water heater 10 minutes before your alarm goes off in the morning.

If you forget to turn it off, you can use the Aido app on your phone anytime and turn off the appliance.

• 2 smart bulbs: Replace your regular bulbs with the smart bulbs, and control features like light dimming or turning lights on/off using Aido.

For example, you can program lights to dim automatically when you turn the TV on or after a certain time of the day.

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