User Interface Design

When we began work on Aido’s UI, we realized it was a unique challenge. We had to factor in multiple elements in the interaction design – behavioral patterns, speech commands, motion and a large visual interface. Our challenge with Aido’s interface was to balance likeability and utility. We decided to use a faceplate for Aido as the […]

Aido Workflows

One of Aido’s key features is an intuitive yet powerful visual automator. This allows you to leverage Aido’s connection to smart devices and web services to create schedules. Aido supports standards like Zigbee, DLNA, Z-Wave, BLE and Wi-Fi that let it connect with most of the standard smart devices in the market. Aido can also […]

Popular Science

5 ways to use AI in your own home Artificial intelligence promises to change our lives in a multitude of different ways, from driving our cars to diagnosing disease before doctors can spot it. A lot of these more ambitious AI projects are still some way off. But there’s plenty of fledgling artificial intelligence already running in our phones, computers, […]

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