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Interactive Projector

Aido has an inbuilt head mounted interactive projector that lets you engage with your projected content. And it comes with an (optional) HD multimedia projector that is designed for multimedia usage.

  • The head mounted interactive projector is designed for quick on/off operations. You could ask Aido to do a Google search and show you results. Since the projector has gesture recognition built-in, you can flick to see more results or tap in the air to open a particular link.
  • The interactive projector is also of great use in the kitchen. You can ask Aido to show you a recipe, and as you’re cooking, use the swipe gesture to look through instructions as you go along.
  • The interactive projector lets you play quick and fun gesture-based games.
  • The HD multimedia projector is designed for entertainment buffs. The HD multimedia projector lets you watch media by projecting it on a wall at a distance of up to 3.5m. Since Aido can move around on its own, you can ask Aido to project media near where you sit, or call your friends over and play a movie to enjoy with your drinks.

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