Design Philosophy

When we began discussing the idea of Aido, we explored various options for the design. Research around robotic aesthetics also shows that humanoid robots face the challenge of the uncanny valley: the hypothesis being that as the appearance of a robot is made more human, there is a threshold beyond which it starts feeling strange and […]

How Aido finds his way

As humans, we quickly recognize furniture and step around it. We see pets moving and take care not to bump into them. But come to robots, and this is a difficult task. Robots have no intuitive understanding of rooms, furniture or pets. They need to learn how to navigate and avoid obstacles. Aido handles navigation […]

Home Monitoring & Security

In our discussions and research, home security turned up as one of the key features people looked for in a home robotics solution. To enable this, we included a powerful set of sensors that include: Air Quality Temperature Humidity Noise Light Pressure Gravity (4-axis G-sensor) In addition to these, Aido has sophisticated image and scene […]

Aido’s Connectivity

Aido supports Zigbee, DLNA, WiFi, Z-Wave, Bluetooth and IR. Together, these let Aido communicate with over 10000 smart devices. New devices supporting these standards will automatically be compatible with Aido. These also let Aido connect to your smart home security system and act as an interface to it. Aido allows you to control thousands of […]

Aido listens to you..

We believe that voice will play a huge role in making robots more useful. When designing Aido, we wanted users to talk to Aido, and Aido reply back in a conversational & more personal manner: Aido has a 6 mic array set around a circular base with a dedicated hardware chip for listening to human […]

Moves around the house seamlessly

Aido is a robot to be used at home, and that has its own constraints. Aido would have to navigate around objects like chairs & tables. He would have to change direction easily as it moved around obstacles at home. Aido balances on an omnidirectional ball – a ballbot design. Balancing Aido on a single […]

Inside Aido

We wanted Aido’s interface to run Android, as this would immediately give users access to millions of apps on the Google Play Store. However, Android was not powerful enough for what Aido had to tackle at home. Hence, we decided on a dual OS architecture for Aido. Android interface Aido’s Android frontend runs a Rockwell […]

Interactive Projector

Aido has an inbuilt head mounted interactive projector that lets you engage with your projected content. And it comes with an (optional) HD multimedia projector that is designed for multimedia usage. The head mounted interactive projector is designed for quick on/off operations. You could ask Aido to do a Google search and show you results. […]

Battery technology

We know that good battery life is key to enjoying usage of a robot like Aido. No one likes a robot that quickly runs out of power. Aido has a unique dual-battery design – half lead-acid and half nickel-cadmium, to balance the two requirements of a battery for a device like this – a) it […]

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